We believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We believe that God guides and sustains us through prayer and the Holy Spirit. We believe it is by grace we have been saved through faith. Grace is the gift of God. We believe that God’s word, as expressed in the Bible, continues to guide and teach us about His love and purpose.

To better understand and apply God’s word in our own lives, we should acquire a greater awareness and knowledge of the Bible. We believe it is our responsibility to seek God’s plan for our lives. We believe we are a community with many gifts and should always seek ways to use our time, talents and treasures to the glory of God. We believe it is our job to proclaim the “good news” of salvation. We believe our congregation needs to grow as a discipling community, through our words and deeds, inspiring others to develop a closer relationship with God. We believe God has called us to mission to serve others in our congregation, community, and beyond. We believe worship should be an integral part of our faith experience and a cornerstone of our Church activities. We believe we are stewards of our young and responsible for their Christian development through prayer, teaching, fellowship and personal example.

We believe our highest priority should be to glorify God.