Christian Education empowers children and families to grow together as disciples and make Christ the center of all they do.The major responsibilities of the Commission are the following:

1. Invite children and families into a relationship with God by:

  • Developing and implementing a Sunday School program for all children, cribbery through elementary years, that enhances and enriches their understanding of the Bible and our faith tradition
  • Recruiting adult members of the congregation to share their faith as Sunday School staff and teachers

2. Grow together as devoted followers of Christ by:

  • Organizing intergenerational activities that empower families to speak the language of faith at home
  • Developing a schedule of learning opportunities during non-traditional education times, such as weekdays or evenings

3. Serve others through the power of the Holy Spirit by:

  • Developing and implementing mission projects/programs for children and their families that put their faith in action

4. Support the ministry of the Director of Christian Education

5. Function as a liaison between the church and Nursery School for communication purposes.