YOU:  If you were baptized when you were younger your parents and your church made promises to support and nurture your faith. Programs like PCW Youth exist to help parents within and outside our congregation live up to those promises

But eventually a day comes when you can’t be a part of a youth program anymore and that has created a pattern of young adults leaving the church because they don’t recognize it anymore. All of a sudden we’re grown ups and expected to participate in the church the way our parents and grandparents did.

YOUNG ADULTS:  But maybe that’s not what us young adults are looking for, maybe we’re looking for a community of peers who want to explore questions of faith whether it’s inside the walls of a church building or not. Maybe you’ve never been to church in your life but have found yourself wondering if there’s something bigger out there that you haven’t found yet. 

PCW:  PCW exists to be a Christian community that nurtures believers at all stages in their relationship with God. PCW Young Adults is a place for people searching for meaning, those desiring to know God and believers looking to share their faith stories in community.