The Library, named after long time librarian Dorothy Hulsart, is located on the top floor of the Parish House. Please feel free to drop by and discover how the library might support your needs.

Our Mission:

To provide resources for members of the congregation, in all age groups and stages of life, that enable them to grow in their spiritual lives.

To support the needs of Church leaders by concentrating on books and other materials that provide current and in depth information on Christian Education, Communications, Fellowship, Mission, Office & Property matters, Stewardship, Worship and Youth.

To help enhance the lifelong learning environment of the Church by maintaining a engaging physical environment and also by making resources available on the Church Web site.

Library Notes

The Access Bible, the version of the Bible delivered to the congregation in the recent Bible Blitz, is a wonderful resource with many detailed notes and maps to help us understand the content more deeply. If this has whet your appetite, stop by the library to find more tools to aid in enriching Bible study.

One type of book that helps support Bible knowledge is a Bible atlas. The library collection contains:  Atlas of the Bible: An Illustrated Guide to the Holy Land. This atlas, published by Readers Digest in 1981, is designed for the general reader beginning to learn about the Holy Land and other geographic regions mentioned in the Bible.

The Westminster Historical Atlas to the Bible. This atlas, edited by George Ernest Wright and published in 1956, is a bit more scholarly and provides detailed information.

If you have ever wondered exactly what Lux Deo or Agape means, you might want to check a Bible dictionary. The library has:

  • A Dictionary of the Bible, compiled by John D Davis in 1934, is a classic work with detailed descriptions of biblical terms.
  • Dictionary of the Bible, by James Hastings, published in 1963, is a popular work that has been used by scholars and lay persons to increase their understanding.
  • In addition, the Library contains many different version of the Bible from the classic King James to bibles suitable for young children. Stop by and check it out!