The Session is made up of the pastor, associate pastors and the 15 elders in active service. The Elders are divided into three classes of 5 each. The full administrative responsibility for the congregation, both spiritual and corporate, is vested in the Session. Our active elders also serve as Trustees for business of the corporation, under the laws of the State of New Jersey. The specific responsibilities of the Session are listed in the Book of Order.

Session Meeting Minutes can be found HERE.

The Clerk of Session is elected by the session. The Clerk is responsible for recording the transactions of the governing body, keeping the rolls of membership and attendance, preserving the records, and furnishing extracts of the records as necessary. The Clerk serves as secretary for the corporation.

Our Session has organized itself into the following Commissions:

  • Christian Education
  • Communications & Marketing Commission
  • Outreach & Welcome Commission
  • Fellowship Commission
  • Mission Commission
  • Office and Property Management Commission
  • Stewardship Commission
  • Worship Commission
  • Youth Commission
  • Personnel Commission

Our Session has adopted Practices that Earn Trust as guiding principles

  • Put Christ and the church at the center
  • Practice personal integrity, honesty, respect, listening, and clarity
  • Willingly consider change
  • Avoid rumors: direct concerns to the proper person
  • Practice openness, transparency and good communication
  • Pursue clarity about the decision-making process
  • Pursue clarity on agreed-upon outcomes so everyone knows where we want to go
  • Accept responsibility and follow through
  • Support Session decisions once WE have made them