ALL fees must be paid in advance, two weeks prior to the wedding. Checks for the Pastor, Organist and Soloist should be made payable directly to each individual—all remaining fees should be made payable to The Presbyterian Church in Westfield.

NOTE: The rehearsal will not be conducted if the wedding fees have not been paid.


Non-pledging member $650.00

Pledging member $150.00


Non-pledging member $300.00

Pledging member $0.00


Non-pledging member $500.00

Pledging member  $300.00 (suggested honorarium)


For wedding $250.00

For rehearsal $100.00

Rehearsal with soloist $ 50.00

Bench fee $250.00

Soloist $125.00

Bulletin (up to 200 copies) $ 50.00

Custodian (subject to change) $145.00

Late fee

If rehearsal or ceremony begins later than 15 minutes after scheduled start time: $100.00 each to minister and organist