Associate Pastor Nominating Committee Update

Summer is in full swing, but the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee is not vacationing!

We are hard at work discerning God's call for both our new Associate Pastor for Children, Youth and Families and our new Associate Pastor for Congregational Life.

We have reviewed numerous Pastor Information Forms (PIFs), have listened to countless sermons and done online research, have checked in with references, and are in discussion with a number of promising candidates, which gives us great hope.

We thank you for your patience and ask that you continue to pray for us as we seek the pastors that God is calling to the Presbyterian Church in Westfield.


Yours in Christ,
Emily Parkinson, Courtney Nemec, Shannon Crooks, Gregg Gorman, Cotter Spurlock, Maggie McCauley, Ella Johnson, Susan Murtishaw, Jane Collins, Robin Hoy, Paul Stierhoff, Tom Walker