Last week the Commission on Ministry (COM) of the Presbytery of Elizabeth reviewed the report on our staffing structure and heard from four members of our Session on why maintaining a three-pastor model continues to be critical to our mission as a congregation.

This meeting was really important as the COM agreed that we have met their criteria to begin searching for pastors, and has given our church permission to elect an Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC). Session met this Tuesday and heard a request from our Congregational Nominating Committee (CNC) to hold a Congregational Meeting so that we can elect the APNC.

To put it briefly, we will hold another Congregational Meeting on Sunday, February 23rd to elect a committee who will be charged with discerning who God is calling to serve alongside us next. The buttons below will give more information on this process, and help make sense of common questions about what we are doing at this moment.

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