Financial Update

PCW received approval for the US Government sponsored Loan/Grant initiative, better known as the Payroll Protection Program (aka, PPP). The church and the nursery school worked together on this in a real team effort. Tina Barulli (Controller for PCW) and Eileen Fox (Treasure for PNS&K) made major contributions to the effort. The amount approved is $327,000 (covering 75% of wages and salaries for 8 weeks). Jenn Collum, Head of PNS&K, stated "This is so wonderful. We are going to be able to help so many people💗." 

The purpose of the PPP program, as stated by the US Government, is to encourage continued employment and payment of wages to staff, and thus to help these people maintain their livelihood, particularly those not eligible for other assistance programs like unemployment insurance (and several of our staff fit into this pool of workers). Our Session passed a motion in April to continue to pay our team members the best we can during these tough times. Our pursuit of this PPP loan/grant is a key part of PCW’s effort to live into our commitment. Your continued contributions and donations make up the rest.
Alan Smith, Treasurer, PCW