Associate Pastor Nominating Committee

As we all continue to find new ways of staying connected in this difficult time the APNC wants to keep you updated on where we are in the process of calling our next Congregational Life Associate Pastor and our next Children, Youth and Family Associate Pastor. Although we cannot meet face to face we have been meeting over Zoom to ensure we continue to move along in this process! At the May Presbytery Committee on Ministry meeting we discussed our search process and job descriptions (“Minister Information Forms” or “MIFs”) and were able to get the approvals needed to start connecting with potential candidates and begin interviewing!


As we enter this next phase of the call process, we ask that you pray with us for discernment and patience. We are extremely hopeful that we will find the people that God is calling to our church and would love to hear from you. If you have recommendations on potential candidates please  reach out to a member of the APNC!



Susan Murtishaw, Jane Collins, Tom Walker, Robin Hoy, Paul Stierhoff, Emily Parkinson, Courtney Nemec, Shannon Crooks, Gregg Gorman, Cotter Spurlock, Maggie McCauley, Ella Johnson