Youth Director Search News / PCW Organizational Task Force

Youth Director Search News

The Search Committee for a Director of Youth Ministry continues to meet to review applicants’ resumes, interview potential candidates, speak with consultants in Youth Ministry, and post the job description at various colleges and universities. We are working closely with the Organizational Task Force in our search efforts and look forward to sharing more information with you as the search process unfolds.


What?   PCW Organizational Task Force

Why?  To ensure PCW has the best structural staffing model to carry out the mission of the church. This review is for ministerial and program staff only, not administrative/maintenance staff at this time.

Who?    Members who represent various perspectives and stages of life across PCW.

  •  Howard Adams
  •  Audrey Chen
  •  Gregg Gorman
  •  Jeremy Jinkins, Pastor/Head of Staff
  •  Martha Kieczykowski
  •  Debbie Lorenzetti
  •  Brooke May
  •  Craig Miller
  •  Charlie Monzella
  •  Alan Smith, Treasurer

How?    The team will reference PCW’s Mission Study along with a review of organizational structures used by other successful churches via outreach to active ministers, church leaders and consultants to the profession. This study is being done in close coordination with previously-announced search for a Director of Youth Ministry.

When? Work has begun! A report of findings and suggestions will be delivered to Session in early 2020.