Technology Upgrades Coming

Hollywood coming to PCW? Well, not exactly but we are upping our game. The Session has approved the purchase of new equipment and software that will enable our tech crew to streamline the video-making process and at the same time produce high-quality videos suitable for on-line streaming.

Our team of Kevin Wilkin, Mike Canavan, Brooke May and Jeremy have done unbelievable work. Each week the worship service on Facebook gets better and better.  Helen Beglin noted that the remote services somehow have an intimate feeling to them. And that is true.

So how do they do it? Turns out with amazing skills, creativity, a bit of technical sleight-of-hand, lots of time, lots of time, and - to be honest - prayer. The proposal approved by Session will free the team from its technical straitjacket opening the way for even more innovation.

The financials look like this: a total of $15,163 with $11,630 for equipment and $3,533 for software licensing. A room off the library will serve as the studio. The budget can handle these costs.

This investment offers us the opportunity to remain connected in the age of Corvid-19 distancing and to expand our outreach in the future.