The next step in the process is for the APNC slates to be formed and announced by the Congregational Nominating Committee, CNC, and to be elected on February 23rd at the called meeting of the congregation following 10am worship.

The APNC will then be formed and begin its orientation process with our liaison from presbytery.

As the committee and individual team develops, it will begin writing its own Ministry Information Form, MIF, which describes to potential candidates who we are as a congregation, how we express our faith in daily life through our worship, learning, service and fellowship together, and lays out our vision for the position it is seeking to fill. Each MIF will need to be approved by the presbytery Commission on Ministry, COM, prior to interviewing potential candidates.

Once the COM has approved their MIF, the APNC team (Wow, that is a lot of letters!) will begin holding interviews with interested candidates and narrowing their field, until ultimately they discern whom it is that God has been preparing to join us in ministry. As each of these future pastors is identified, s/he will be introduced first to the presbytery to ensure that we are able to move forward, and then finally as candidate for election by the congregation, at yet another Congregational Meeting!

We are at the beginning of this journey, and the leadership of our church is excited to see where God is leading us next. We hope that you will join us in prayer for all those who are helping to lead the way.


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