There is a new 8-week adult educational series, “Winter Prayer” available for you!  It is designed to help you find “the winter voice of prayer”. This program is in collaboration with Professor Daniel Migliore of Princeton Theological Seminary. Professor Migliore helped design the program and will be involved in the series.

Sessions will be conducted using a “small-group” format with 3 different dates and times:

  • Sunday after church from 11:30-1pm with a light lunch
  • Monday nights at 7:30-9pm
  • Tuesdays at 3-4:30pm

There will be some reading and reflection, but background in bible studies or church doctrines is not required. Our reference materials will be “A Grief Observed” by C.S. Lewis, “Lament for a Son” by Nicolas Wolterstorff, and “Rachel’s Cry” by Professor Migliore.

Several copies of the required reading will be available from our church library. Purchase of books can also be made from your local bookstore or from on-line sources. This program will provide an opportunity to engage with others from around the church, to learn to pray together, and to lean into the potential need of prayer as either you or others around you cope with change and sorrow. In addition, you get the opportunity of being at the start of what we hope will become a partnership full of new potential.

The following are some important dates and context for “Winter Prayer”:

  • January 19th: Professor Migliore will participate in worship and then convene in Assembly Hall for a light lunch and a discussion of A Grief Observed and Lament for a Son.
  • Week of February 2nd - We will read and discuss “Rachel’s Cry”— chapters 1 and 2
  • February 16th: Professor Migliore will again participate in worship and conduct a bible study starting at 11:30 in the Christian Lounge (light lunch will be provided). Bible readings will be shared prior to the session.
  • Weeks of March 1, 15 and 29th – We will discuss the remainder of Rachel’s Cry.
  • April 12th: we will have a luncheon meeting with Professor Migliore for a discussion and wrap-up to this program. This will be held at the Nassau Club in Princeton, NJ. (Carpooling and transportation will be coordinated).

All are welcome! Look for more information on weekly e-blasts,  on our website, through announcements during worship, or contact Lisa Black, or Alan Smith, Alandsmith518@gmail