sunday school at home

Hello Families!

We are happy to be able to provide to you age appropriate Sunday school lessons each week for you to do with your children.  The lessons include questions to discuss, crafts, and activities that require just a few materials, that will help your children grow in their understanding of the scripture lesson.

In addition to materials on Sunday, you can still access our previous Mid-week activity packet, with a Bible story, craft or activity that you can do with your children.  We hope that you will participate in this as well.  These activities may be things to do at home, cooking projects or scavenger hunts that take you around your house or out in the world (at a safe distance, of course).

Although we can’t be in the same proximity physically, we can be together in spirit.

We look forward to worshiping with you in new ways!

Faith Formation

September 26, 2021

Join Us for In-Person Sunday School Today!

Join us in Assembly Hall. Please note that we will have an in-person option each week during the 10:00 am services, as well as a pre-recorded, online video and activities for anyone who is unable or not yet ready to attend in-person Sunday School.
For full details on in-person Sunday School, click the link below.