If making music is enjoyable and energizing for you, and you find doing it with others even more joyful, then there is a place for you in one of our many musical ensembles.

Sing.. when the spirit says sing!  Singing is good for the body and soul and it is said that “when we sing, we pray twice.”  Group (choral) singing can be one of the great joys of life– please join us.


The Chancel Choir

We sing at the 10AM Sanctuary service each week. We rehearse from 7:30PM–9:30PM on Thursdays from September through June, and at 9:15AM on Sunday mornings.

Choir members have a broad range of musical backgrounds, and most everyone misses a rehearsal every now and then. If you like to spend time in some combination of music-making and fellowship (both in friendship and spiritual communion) then there is a place for you in the Chancel Choir.  You are invited.

Music - Wired Band

wired Band

The wired band meets every Sunday morning all year round at 8:15AM for rehearsal with music prepared in advance and then leads the congregation in a contemporary worship style at its 10AM worship experience.  Occasional Saturday morning rehearsals are had for extra attention to challenging songs.

The band, a sort of small family within the larger church family, is always looking to deepen its pool of talented and skilled musicians.  Guitar, keyboards, vocals, bass, drums, percussion are a few of the types of instruments that contribute to the overall musical offering.

wired Audio Engineering

It’s important to understand that the person mixing the audio is essentially a band member and is as important as any musician.  If the sound isn’t good then the band doesn’t sound good.  These service opportunities are truly ways to give back of those talents that God has already given us as well as providing a great way to connect with others on a much deeper level.  At wired we say that we are wired for more.  We’re wired for worship, we’re wired for connection, and we’re wired for service.  Participation in the wired band covers all three.


Children's Choirs

Our youngest singers meet on Wednesdays as part of C.O.W. (“Church on Wednesdays”). The Cherub Choir rehearses from 5PM-5:30PM and the Joyful Sounds Singers and Ringers from 5:30PM–6PM. Both groups participate in worship frequently through the year.

When people begin to sing at a young age, and sing often, music remains forever part of  life. Singing also helps us to “find our voice” so that one day it will be there when we need to speak up, speak out, or even speak on behalf of those who can’t.



The Handbell Choir rehearses from 7:30PM–9PM on Wednesdays during the school year, and rings in worship approximately every six weeks.

Ringing in a bell choir is a uniquely beautiful and moving musical experience.  The physical activity of ringing together lends an “incidental choreography” (You mean ringing handbells  is kind of like dancing? Well, yes.) Handbell choirs have lots of good practice paying attention to the “whole” of which we are part, which we know is a good discipline for life in general as well.