Our beliefs


We extend a warm welcome to all as a witness to Christ’s embrace.

When Christ calls us to be part of the life and mission of his church he accepts and embraces us as we are with all our full life experiences. We welcome everyone with the gifts and calling to serve in all church offices.

We are a congregation composed of children and youth, families, single and retired people. We come from many walks of life and hold different opinions about many issues. Only Christ could hold us all together, and we give thanks for how wonderfully he does this in the bonds of tender love. We also are grateful for the way he reveals his holy purposes for our lives and unites us in common mission.

As a community rooted in grace, our mission is to:


Invite people into a relationship with God


Grow together as devoted followers of Christ


Serve others through the power of the Holy Spirit

We invite you to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We want the Presbyterian Church in Westfield to be a safe community in which to search to know God and grow on your spiritual journey. We believe that a relationship with God changes lives. Experience your heart being drawn toward God as we gather to worship. But don’t stop there…

Find a place in the church where you can grow in faith and love. The Presbyterian Church in Westfield is a large church composed of many small groups and mid-sized fellowship groups where close bonds are developed and spiritual growth occurs. We encourage everyone who joins our church to also join a small group where you can question, study, learn, serve, receive support from and care for others. But don’t stop there…

The Presbyterian Church in Westfield does not exist for the sake of its members, but for the sake of the world God loves in Jesus Christ. Being part of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield means being part of a mission that impacts lives through concrete service and sharing the gospel. God wants everyone to experience the joy that comes when you discover God using you to reach out with the love of Christ to others facing life’s struggles. Discern your unique gifts for ministry. Explore how your work can be an avenue of service to God and others.