10am Contemporary Worship Service

Westminster Hall
Every Sunday

wired for more.

We’re just like you. We find ourselves going through the motions of ordinary life and wondering if any of it matters. But our Christian faith reminds us that we are all wired for more than we realize and all of our lives are a part of a bigger story. You don’t have to be a Christian to know what it feels like to want more out of life. So it doesn’t matter to us who you are or where you’ve been, we believe everyone can discover what it means to be wired for more.

wired for worship.

We believe this is how we are changed. We believe we are hard wired to know and experience God. Through worship we are reminded that God loves us and how much we need that love. This is what we do together every Sunday morning and we see lives being changed all the time.

wired for connection.

We believe relationships matter. Whether you know it or not, you are not alone. You were never meant to be alone. We love our community because it reminds us that we are wired for connection. Connection with other people who follow Jesus helps us be better followers.

wired for service.

We believe that knowing Jesus means serving others. We serve in our homes, in our communities and around the world. We know that Good News travels fast and we are committed to following wherever God leads us in service.