Presbyterian Nursery School and Kindergarten (PNS&K)

The Presbyterian Nursery School and Kindergarten (PNS&K) is a play-based program (ages 2.5-kindergarten) where children discover the world around them by hands-on experiences guided by highly qualified staff (two teachers per classroom).  Children learn in well-appointed classrooms with age appropriate toys and technology as well as fun playgrounds and play indoor play spaces. The play and educational exposures fuel friendships that can last a lifetime. Founded in 1948 as a mission of the Presbyterian Church in 1948, PNS&K’s downtown location promotes easy access to active learning for children in the greater community.

Children are accepted into the school regardless of race, religion or ethnicity and taught to appreciate each individual. The School is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.

Contact Jenn Collum, Director, at 908-233-0766 for further information or to schedule a tour.