Songs of Ascent - Lenten Bible Study

You are invited to a new Bible Study series running through Lent with Rev. Tom Kort leading.

We will be studying the “Psalms of Ascent."  They are also called pilgrim songs. There are 15 psalms (120-134) that each begin with the title “A Song of Ascent."

Jerusalem is situated on a high hill. These psalms were sung by Hebrew worshipers on their way up to Jerusalem to attend one of the three main annual Jewish festivals. According to some traditions, the Jewish priests also sang some of these Songs of Ascent as they walked up the steps to the temple in Jerusalem.   Jesus and his disciples would have sung these psalms on their way to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover.

The 15 psalms will be divided between the sermons and the Adult Bible studies. The Bible study classes will be on Sundays at 11:00am and Tuesdays at 4:00pm.


Date Scripture Title
February 21 & 23 Psalm 123 Mercy Me
February 28 & March 2 Psalm 121 Blessed to Bless
March 7 & 9 Psalm 124 Free as a Bird
March 14 & 16 Psalm 126 Whatever Happened to Joy?
March 21 & 23 Psalm 128 The Good Life
March 28 & 30 Psalm 129 Faith Like a Ferret
April 4 (Easter) & April 6 NO BIBLE STUDY
April 11 & 13 Evidence for the Resurrection