Following worship on February 23rd, the congregation met to elect an Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) charged with the responsibility of beginning a search for two Associate Pastors. The newly formed committee met that afternoon with our liaison to the Presbytery of Elizabeth for an orientation. Over the coming weeks and months this team will work closely together to begin their process.

The committee will be working to keep the congregation informed on where they are. The roadmap below may help everyone understand what has been done, where we are, and what is coming next in the process.

  • [COMPLETE]  Confer with COM whether a Mission Study will be required;
  • [COMPLETE]  Discern leadership needs;
  • [COMPLETE]  Assess financial capacity of the congregation;
  • [COMPLETE]  Authorize a congregational meeting to elect an APNC;
  • [COMPLETE]  Elect the APNC;
  • [IN PROGRESS] Write the Ministry Information Form (MIF);
  • Submit MIF to the Church Leadership Connection (CLC);
  • Define and Interview Process;
  • Receive and review candidate referrals;
  • Reference checks for finalists;
  • Select a nominee;
  • Extend a call;
  • Negotiate terms of call;
  • Approve call and terms with the presbytery;
  • Report the call to the church Session;
  • Authorize a congregational meeting to elect the Associate Pastor;
  • Elect the Associate Pastor;
  • Sign the call

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has a video to further explain this process that can be followed here: