July 1, 2020 Update

Dear Friends who are The Presbyterian Church in Westfield,


“With all wisdom and insight he has made known to us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure that he set forth in Christ, as a plan for the fullness of time, to gather up all things in him, things on heaven and things on earth.”

~ The Letter to the Ephesians

I have been reflecting on these words from one of my favorite letters in all of scripture over the past several weeks. The phrases “wisdom and insight” and “fulness of time” and “gather up all things” have been co-mingling in a veritable fugue. On some days, I have been convinced it is all bunk. On other days, the passage has given me great hope. At the end of the day, these words have given me room and space to name how much I miss you all, and how deeply I wish we were able to regather in the halls of the buildings we use to learn, connect, serve, and most important, worship.


Our Session has been working with leadership teams for some weeks now to gain “wisdom and insight” into the mystery that is regaining access to our buildings in ways that can be safe for all. It is an immense challenge. To accomplish this goal our Session has formed a new task force made up of ministry team leaders to explore specifically if and how we could safely resume in-person worship out of doors. This team (Lisa Black, Amy Cummings, Ethan Harris, Barbara McLaughlin, Courtney Nemec, and Michael Quinlan) will be working closely to bring a report to Session in early July with specific guidelines for regathering and to provide Session with the tools necessary to assess whether a group satisfies these guidelines when seeking use of space. In establishing these guidelines, these leaders will continue to abide by the NJ government guidelines for stages of reentry (we are currently in Stage 2), and the accompanying guidelines adopted on June 10th by our own Presbytery of Elizabeth that can be accessed here.


The circumstances around regathering can get overwhelming rather quickly, and there are many variables to consider. I ask for your prayers for this Task Force and our Session as we continue to work to discover when “in the fullness of time” we will be gathered together in person once more.


Until that time, we will continue to connect over the phone and through social media, including our remote weekly worship services.


Yours in service,



You are invited to join us for our Sunday at 10 am Worship Services online! Each Sunday our service will be live on Facebook and Youtube at 10am.

In addition to seeing us on Facebook & Youtube, join us for House Worship right here on our website. Each of our worship leaders have contributed prayers and songs, along with a sermon from one of our pastors.


For additional information about COVID-19, check out the latest reports from:

Centers for Disease Control

Offical Site of the State of New Jersey

NJ Department of Health