MAY 13, 2020

Acts 17:22-31

Then Paul stood before the meeting of the Areopagus. He said, “Men of Athens, I can see that you are very religious in all things.  I was going through your city, and I saw the things you worship. I found an altar that had these words written on it: “TO A GOD WHO IS NOT KNOWN.” You worship a god that you don’t know. This is the God I am telling you about!  He is the God who made the whole world and everything in it. He is the Lord of the land and the sky. He does not live in temples that men build!  This God is the One who gives life, breath, and everything else to people. He does not need any help from them. He has everything he needs.  God began by making one man. From him came all the different people who live everywhere in the world. He decided exactly when and where they must live.  God wanted them to look for him and perhaps search all around for him and find him. But he is not far from any of us:   By his power we live and move and exist.’ Some of your own poets have said: ‘For we are his children.’  We are God’s children. So, you must not think that God is like something that people imagine or make. He is not like gold, silver, or rock.   In the past, people did not understand God, but God ignored this. But now, God tells everyone in the world to change his heart and life.  God has decided on a day that he will judge all the world. He will be fair. He will use a man to do this. God chose that man long ago. And God has proved this to everyone by raising that man from death!”


Paul was one of the early missionaries.  A missionary is someone who tells other people about God.  Paul spent a lot of his life being really mean to people who believed in Jesus, but then when Paul had his own experience with God, he changed his mind and he, too, believed that Jesus was God’s son.  From that time on, Paul traveled to foreign countries to tell others about Jesus.  Sometimes he was welcomed as a friend and sometimes he was treated like an enemy, but Paul always spoke the truth about God.  In these verses, Paul was in Athens, Greece (see if you can find this on a map).  The people of Greece believed in a lot of different gods – there was a god of war, a god of love, a god of wisdom – lots of gods and there were temples and statues where people worshipped these gods that no one had ever seen.  Paul told the people of Athens that the one true God – the God who made the whole world, the God who gives us life and the God who wanted to be in relationship with us – who wants to be with us.  Paul wanted the people of Athens to stop worshiping statues made out of rocks and metal and worship God who was alive and with us.


Ideas to discuss:

  1. The people of Athens did not believe that God could be with them – they believed that their gods were far away.  Do you feel like God is close to you?  When do you feel like God is really close to you?
  2. Paul made three big missionary trips during his life. If you look at the map below you will be able to see how far he traveled and all of the countries he went to.  Can you find Jerusalem on the map?  Can you find Athens?  Can you count how many cities Paul stopped at to talk about Jesus?

  1. If you were a missionary, what one thing would you want people to know about Jesus?


You may not have traveled to a lot of different countries like Paul, but have you traveled to different states?  This is a map of the United States – can you color in the states you have been to?  Talk about what you did there and who you saw.


 COW recipe of the week


Written only as Chef Jeanmarie can write a recipe


Turkey Bolognese Sauce

So once again cooking is not an exact science unlike baking which is very precise and fattening so I don't bake!  Here is my recipe for bolognese with turkey but you can use ground chicken, ground bison (will be more smooth a texture) or beef. Ground lamb or even pork give it a great flavor. I've had it with ground wild boar now that was delicious!


  • 3 t. Olive oil
  • 1 small onion chopped
  • 1 celery stalk chopped
  • 2 skinny carrots or 1 big one chopped
  • 3 cloves of garlic minced or thrown in food processor or a big squirt from the bottled garlic
  • 1 package ground turkey I buy butterball packets that I think are about 1 lb
  • salt and pepper as you like
  • 1 cup of whole milk or whatever milk you have or cream 1/2 and 1/2 is good too!
  • a pinch of nutmeg which is like 1/8-1/4 t
  • 1 cup of white wine
  • 1 big can of whole tomatoes or diced whatever you have as long as it's about 1 1/2 cups and pour the liquid in too!
  • 1 t. sugar


So you start by chopping up your veges. This particular mix is called mirepoix (I keep several bags of this in my freezer I chop up when I need to use up these veges and put in quart size bags) I use my food processor on the pulse setting until I get the size chop I like.


Olive oil goes in your pan I use a smaller dutch oven. Add the veges and let simmer till they look soft.  Add salt and pepper.


Add in turkey and using a wooden spoon kind of keep chopping at it while it cooks to break it up.


Next the fun part, add 1 cup of milk and the nutmeg and simmer till it's gone. The milk will cook into the turkey.


I don't like to part with it but next 1 cup of white wine (use the 1 no one drinks aka regift wine) and let that simmer until it's gone. Take your time with these 2 steps because it's worth it.


I use whole tomatoes in the big can. Pick them out of the can one at a time and squeeze them to break them up one at a time. Careful cause they can squirt. Pour the liquid in the can into the sauce. Let this simmer and once you see the sauce bubbling turn the heat down way low to a small simmer put at top on and let it live on the back burner of the stove for 3 hours or so. I leave it for 3 hours, turn it off, and then reheat when I'm ready to serve. If sauce looks watery take the top off about 1/2 hour before serving and turn the heat up a smidge to reduce the water.


Cook either rigatoni/campanilli (it looks like little trumpets) or really any kind of pasta  but some kind of pasta that the sauce can get into or hold onto. Cook according to directions but under cook for 2 minutes for al dente. Drain. Remember how I said to infuse the pasta? Who wants pasta with sauce sitting on top of it? NO ONE!! So put the drained pasta in a skillet and pour in some sauce (1 cup) and stir with a low heat on the stove until infused.  Tip: if you use bison cook small macaroni and mix it altogether pasta and sauce in a pan. Call it macaroni and beef because bison breaks down a lot! It's good tho and healthy! lots of parmesan too!


At this point after I heat my sauce, I stir in a teaspoon of butter because I like a sheen to my sauce and besides that who doesn't like butter!! lol


Plate the pasta and add as much sauce on top as you like. I like to top mine with fresh chopped basil and be sure to bring plenty of parmesan cheese to the table. Serve with garlic bread and salad with oil oil, red wine vinegar, herbs, salt and pepper.



In Italy, they do not eat bread with pasta totally an American thing! hello thats 2 carbs! So this is how they eat in Italy:  First, they eat their bread dipped in oil and herbs as an appetizer, then have a smaller portion of pasta with sauce, and eat their salad after pasta as a digestive! but we don't live in Italy (sigh)  LOL so put on some Boccelli, a nice vino, milk for the kids tho depending on the age, and enjoy! A nice scoop of sorbet or gelato would be a great dessert.



Why not make a double batch to share with a neighbor or put in the freezer for another night! Leftover sauce on thick slice of baguette make a great lunch. For kids, leftover sauce heated till just warm makes a great sandwich with white sandwich bread of course!! It's called a spaghetti sandwich sure add the pasta to the sandwich too - YUM!



Garlic can be really annoying to peel so don't! Put a clove on a cutting board and with a wide knife put the knife on top of the garlic clove and hit it with your fist (not really hard so you hurt yourself!). The garlic is smashed and peel comes easily off and you are ready to mince your garlic.



I like to stir in fresh spinach to my sauce if I have to use it up or you can skip the salad and have wilted garlic and olive oil spinach on the side instead. Anything green you have.



I also like to sometimes skip the pasta and use spaghetti squash. Cut squash length wise in 1/2 Add a little water to a glass dish place squash cut side down, cover with saran wrap and microwave 8 mins or so. After it cools, scoop out seeds (feed them to the birds), Use a fork to start scoop/pulling out the strands of squash. Reheat portion in microwave before serving. Sometimes the squash can be watery when you put it in your pasta bowl and after it heats so give it a little drain before you put the sauce on top - no infusing with squash.  Top with basil and cheese. Yum


Boun Appetito!  Stay well. Have fun at Bible Camp and I will see you in the Fall. xxx