Parish Associate (Part Time)

The Parish Associate (PA) supports the care of the congregation and the growth of our community of faith. The PA serves as a supplement to the pastoral presence of PCW in addition to being a resource for the Senior Pastor. The Parish Associate is a part time position serving nineteen (19) or fewer hours per week.


The primary responsibilities of Parish Associate include but are not limited to

  • Assist in worship, congregational faith formation, and congregational care
  • Contribute to the development of leaders on staff and session through the current transition
  • Participate as directed by the Head of Staff in serving the ministries of the church

Specific Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Lead or participate in worship alongside the Senior Pastor and other staff/volunteers
  2. Minister to the needs of the congregation through pastoral presence and prayer
  3. Teach classes on a regular basis and provide other instruction as deemed appropriate
  4. Engage in small group ministries as appropriate
  5. Give support to the Senior Pastor to provide nurturing, training and leadership opportunities in pastoral care programs (e.g. Stephen Ministers and Deacons)
  6. Assist the Senior Pastor in the initiation, orientation and support of newly called Associate Pastors
  7. Provide guidance and support to ministry areas as needed
  8. Perform any additional duties assigned by the Head of Staff

Working Relationships

  1. The Parish Associate reports to the Head of Staff and the Personnel Commission and works with ministry team leadership as needed
  2. The PA works in a collegial and professional manner with all staff to ensure a successful team dynamic to fulfill the Church mission


  1. A Masters of Divinity from an accredited seminary is required
  2. Strong preaching and teaching abilities
  3. Has a sense of call and a passion for the spiritual growth of individuals in the Christian faith
  4. Is highly organized and able to manage several programs simultaneously, motivating others and delegating responsibility as appropriate.
  5. Experience with pastoral care in a church setting; involvement in related programs of the Presbytery, Synod and General assembly is preferred
  6. Has the ability to plan carefully and attend to significant details
  7. Displays ability and desire to support concept of team ministry
  8. Exhibits a cooperative spirit
  9. Possesses strong interpersonal and communication skills
  10. Exhibits enthusiasm and optimism in the working environment