All Your Questions Answered

Do I need to sign-up for the service?

No. You don’t need to register in advance. But if you plan to attend, we would love it if you let us know in advance by signing in, using the Pre-Registration button, above or by calling the church office, 908-233-0301. The safety of those joining us for worship and the community is our highest priority. When you sign in, we will also ask you a few simple health questions.

What do I need to bring to worship?

Please wear a mask, bring hand sanitizer, and your own chair. If you are unable to bring a chair, let us know and we will have one for you. Of course, if you also want to bring your Bible by all means do.

Where do I enter the worship service?

The sign-in tables will be placed on the patio outside the church’s front doors. Please walk to the tables from Mountain Avenue. Chalk markings on the ground will indicate appropriate six-foot spacing for those waiting to sign in.

What should I expect when I get to the service?

Please plan to get to church 10 to 15 minutes before the service to allow enough time to get through the check-in process. Someone will help you sign in, take your temperature and direct you to your space. If you need a chair, a disinfected chair will be available for you.

What will the service include?

The service is not meant to replace Sunday worship. The service will be simple, flexible and meaningful….and probably around 30 -45 minutes. It will include a scripture reflection by Jeremy, prayer and some music.

Will there be singing?

There will be music at the service but we are asking attendees not to sing to limit the risks to those around us. Congregational singing has been shown to contribute to the spread of Covid 19.

Will there be handouts for the service?

To minimize risks to all attendees, no Bibles, hymnals or bulletins with the order of worship will be handed out. But you certainly can bring your own Bible.

Will there be fellowship after the gathering?

Not in the traditional sense, but you are welcome to stay on the lawn, appropriately distanced, and with masks on, after the service to connect with others.

Can I bring my children?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to join us in community and worship. To observe social distancing, children must stay with their parents.

Will this be handicap accessible?

Yes, this gathering will be handicap accessible. Please let us know in advance if you will need assistance.

Will restrooms be available?

While we would like to limit their use, bathrooms will be available for emergency use. Please reach out to one of the team leading the service for assistance if needed. The restrooms will be sanitized after each use and that may cause a delay in availability.

It’s already August, how many weeks do you expect to have outside gatherings?

We anticipate being able to have services on the lawn through at least the end of September.

What are the current safety protocols?

The safety of those joining us for worship and the community is our highest priority. The seating on the lawn will be socially distanced; hand sanitizer will be provided for those who don’t bring their own; all attendees will be required to wear a mask; all will have their temperature taken.

Additionally, if you or anyone in your household has a fever above 100 degrees, is waiting for COVID-19 test results or, has come in contact with someone who has tested positive or is presumptive positive within the last 14 days you will be unable to join the service.

How were the safety protocols determined?

Our protocols are based on the most recent guidelines from government and health
authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, the New Jersey Departmental of Health, and the Elizabeth Presbytery. We also reviewed the best practices employed by other houses of worship.

What if there is a positive test result from someone who attended the service?

We will have a list and contact information for all attending worship. It will be collected at the sign in. If we learn that someone has tested positive or presumptive positive, we will notify attendees and the congregation.

What if it rains?

In the event of bad weather, we will cancel the service. The information will be sent out on email and posted on Facebook.

What if I sign-up to attend and my schedule changes?

That’s ok. Just let us know that you can’t be there.

Can non-church members attend?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to join us in community and worship.

When will we be able to be inside for worship?

As of now, that is uncertain. Some churches are waiting until the fall, at the earliest, and others don’t expect to be back with inside worship until next year. The Presbytery is encouraging a go-slow approach. The Session will be monitoring the status of the pandemic and we will periodically share updates.