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Like laughter, music is medicine for the human soul. Sometimes we will be producing playlists of music for Sunday House Worship, and sometimes we will be adding music here from Spotify. These playlists have been curated by staff leaders and have a mix of sometimes spiritual music, often not, but that connect to us in this time of worry and fear. The aim is to inject our daily lives with moments of hope, humor, and even a little nostalgia.

One more thing, not every playlist will strike a chord with all types, for this reason there is a brief description below each image. By clicking on the image you will be directed to Spotify, and will need a Spotify account to listen (don’t worry they’re free); by clicking you are also agreeing to the Terms of Services, the Copyright Policy and the Spotify Privacy Policy.


Calming Music. Enjoy. Hope it helps pass the time!

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An eclectic, long-format playlist of great music. Hear new things, learn about new artists, all while surviving social distancing!

Covers that may just be better than the original recordings. A reminder that time and the brilliance of others elevates all art and human expression.


2019 PCW Middle School Playlist that focuses on how we can see a holy presence in music – even music that is not meant to be holy; a presence that loves us right where we are and feel, and too much to let us stay there.

A cruel joke on the Youth of PCW. A playlist for parents, or anyone who loves to get a taste of 80’s and 90s anthems with a smattering of just great music. Parents, play loud, play often.

Because some music just needs to make us happy!

Perhaps you too have been stuck in the house with small children… a playlist by Caroline for her friends in PW Circle 4 or any young parent going cross-eyed these days.

The Presbyterian Church in Westfield continues to burn as a light in the darkness as our community weathers this fearsome storm of illness. Our reach of care continues to extend far beyond our immediate borders. You can help us make a real impact in the lives of others by joining in our work through your time, your talents, and also in the fruits of your labors.